Ohio in the fall

Fall in Ohio is beautiful. I miss the Hudson Valley (we lived for nearly 10 years in New York), and the mountains there make some of the views more spectacular, but I feel like Ohio’s autumns linger just a little bit longer. I’m sitting at a park right now, waiting for my children to be done with a class, and in front of me is a gorgeous golden tree with most of the leaves still intact. It’s lovely.
I’m enjoying this little bit of warmth before Saturday comes with its blustery cold and whips the trees bare of their remaining foliage. Behind me I hear children laughing on the playground, which is one of my favoritest outside noises, and the rustle of crisp, dry leaves and the occasional honk of a goose on the nearby pond adds to the delightful ambiance. I am at peace.

Autumn is delicious

Spring is my favorite season, but fall comes in for a close second. I find myself during this time of year gasping and looking and generally reveling in the gorgeous foliage. When the sun hits it at just the right moment, it gives me an Anne Shirley-esque ache. I’ve remarked before that it’s possibly not safe for me to drive in the throes of autumn because I just want to LOOK.
The bittersweet side of fall is that I know winter is just around the corner. Now, there are parts of winter that I like. Thick sweaters, fun boots, cozy blankets, hot chocolate, fires, snuggling, the smell of woodsmoke outside, snow (the way it looks, anyway), and all those quiet memories of winters past. I like having four distinct seasons, which is something I realized during the two years that we lived in Arizona.
Winter cold just eventually gets to me, though. I hate driving when the roads are slick with ice or snow, and having to hunt down hats, gloves, scarves, and coats every time I go outside gets a little old. So autumn has that specter lurking in the background. Spring, on the other hand, bring new life, hope, FLOWERS, the emergence of green and the promise of many days of warmth ahead and summer to follow.
I associate fall with my own love story, so when the air gets crisper and the leaves turn colors and flutter to the ground, I automatically get a happy, rosy, loving feeling inside. I’m reminded of our annual Columbus Day trip to Amish country, of exploring antique shops and sitting in parks during lunch break under a golden, leafy canopy. Autumn is beautiful¬†and I love it.